Growth from hybrid trainings

Online learning implementation with 30 years experience in business management

Latest learning software enable business impact way beyond traditional training.

We offer services for businesses who want to reach their full potential

We strongly believe in hybrid and interactive learning to maximize value from training investments.

30 years pragmatic market experience has strongly influenced our vision of the modern training solutions and their role in driving business growth.

Permanent impact for your business’
ability to train people!

Our training development project will improve the way you train your staff, partners and customers!

What our customers say:

Yes, probably the most important thing for us is that it saves time and resources when part of the training takes place remotely and the material is well thought out. For the same reason, the effectiveness of training is also better and customers are more satisfied with the training.

Likewise, the fact that one can return to the material has been praised by our customers.

Marko Harju |  Technical sales manager | EPC Power

Very dynamic and highly engaging sales training!

Tomi Juutilainen |  Sales Manager | ABB

Digitalized learning solutions
with business management expertise

Customizable learning software

White label option is available for the online learning platform. This means that the platform will be customised to reflect your branding. You can have your logos, visuals, a custom URL and your own log in page. Making it clear to your learners that they are using your service.

About digitalization!

Implementation with expertise

We offer extensive industrial business experience combined with latest understanding of effective learning design. Using latest technology interactive learning platform we help you to implement highly effective training solutions. Improved communication help implementing change management programs, resolving market challenges and driving actions. 

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Benefit from our partnership

Our projects include knowledge transfer and skills development of your key persons to build and run effective and measurable trainings. We provide pragmatic solutions and help implementing continuous improvement practises. Increased dialogue through social learning develop market understanding, shapes messaging and highlights improvement opportunities.

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