Maximizing service business value with transparent competence mapping

What is the true capability of the service personnel? How well developed are the partners? How many experts we have available with specific certifications – right now? How can we identify competence development needs by geographical location?

All above are challenging questions for service management of a large organization. But they are equally, if not even more important, for smaller company relying on external partner network for service delivery.
For me this is excellent area where digitalization can help. Data capture is playing the essential part in building a solution.

Implementing state of the art online learning environment is a major step towards capturing competence data. However, it may not be enough to achieve a comprehensive solution as not all learning experiences can be digitalized. This is true especially in businesses where achieving authorization require proven hands on work performance.

Key is to combine effective automatic data collection with manual inputs from necessary pragmatic exercises. All data is best to be stored in single environment to enable analytics and transparent information sharing. This solution brings accurate and measurable view of organization competencies available for strategic evaluation.
Operational business value impact can be further stepped up by enabling capability mapping transparency use in active manpower deployment. Usually manpower deployment SW would be different to competence development SW. Solution is connecting the two systems with API to allow data transfer between them. With this service managers have a transparent view of available competencies at any point of time. This is great support for optimal use of resources in running the service business.

Competence data capture and analytics is key for both strategic and operational optimization of service personnel. Latest digital technologies enable achieving higher performance in both areas.

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Aki Maenpaa