Case EPC Power customer training

EPC Power selected Marble Hill Partner as the provider for the project to develop new effective hybrid training solution for customer trainings. Project was delivered from March to August in 2022.

Project target was set to produce materials and create optimized online courses to enable effective product training. The trainings need to also support personnel certification and authorization process as defined by EPC Power Service training path.

“Yes, probably the most important thing for us is that it saves time and resources when part of the training takes place remotely and the material is well thought out. For the same reason, the effectiveness of training is also better and customers are more satisfied with the training.

Likewise, the fact that one can return to the material has been praised by our customers.”

Marko Harju
Technical Sales Manager
EPC Power

Project content consists of the online courses creation so that they were ready for launch. First customer trainings were also delivered during the project that the feedback and experience was used to improve the content further. Key activities during the project included:

  • Identification and evaluation of existing material content and target
  • Script design for each module to assure pedagogical effectiveness: training methods and schedules
  • Modification of existing material for online learning effectiveness
  • Producing new material like Teams video interviews or PowerPoint presentation videos
  • Building courses on EPC Power branded learning platform provided by Claned
  • Training on online course building and administration for EPC Power key persons

As usual in this type of projects, EPC Power provided some resources to support the development. Participation of key persons for the train the trainer program is obviously necessary to enable knowledge transfer. They also took over the training program after the initial project. EPC Power also provided the existing training materials as well as branding guidelines.

Results and key benefits of the project

  • Speed: First customers were enrolled on training 2 months from project start. Five trainings run in 4 months period.
  • Effective: Time saving in the F2F training as participants have gone through the self-learning content
  • Driving action: External project lead and resources help to run and complete the project faster
  • Train the trainer: EPCPower developed internal personnel capability to create effective hybrid trainings
  • Agility: Visibility on training participation enable continuous improvement
  • Flexibility: Modular concept makes it possible to develop and release trainings in phases
  • External opinion: Help developing and transforming existing content to effective self-learning course
  • Branding: EPCPower branded self-learning environment