We help you to train people more efficiently

Marble Hill Partner is built on passion to maximize value generation of training investments

We bring together business management and sales experience with effective pedagogy and latest digital learning environment technologies. Our pragmatic industrial market experience has strongly influenced our vision of the modern training solutions and their role in driving B2B business growth.

We feel your pain – we have been there too

We help you confidentially

Industrial business management and leadership experiences shape our role as pragmatic advisor and style how we engage in co-creation projects with our customers.

Our customers’ ability to develop competitive edge is our priority. 
Confidentiality of the projects, content and participation is a norm for us.

We thrive for…

Customer success

For training investment payback, it is essential that the participants actually learn. The better people learn, the better for your business. 

Our goal is to help you make…

Better results

Studies have shown that learning together increases motivation and promotes better results. We make digital learning engaging and measure its impact.

The way to success is…


Intelligent online platform automatically gathers learning data so that you can better understand and improve the effectiveness of your courses. In real-time.

About us

Aki Maenpaa is Founder and CEO at Marble Hill Partner OY. He holds industrial engineering M.Sc. and executive MBA degrees. He is also Co-founder and chairman of the board at Viimatech Digital Oy which offers Industrial IoT and digitalization solutions.

Aki has extensive 30 years experience in forming and implementing effective strategies, managing change and delivering profitable growth in industrial automation market in multicultural environments.

He has been involved in starting dozens of new businesses, new offering launches as well as more than 3000 customer visits form the solid and pragmatic approach to understanding solution sales and service. This intensive B2B sales and leadership experience have refined the insights in channel management and customer service.

From this background we strongly believe in hybrid and interactive learning to maximize value from training investments. As one of the key enabler we have chosen Claned as our partner to offer intelligent, state of the art online learning platform solutions. In addition to the platform, claned offers pedagogical insights to design effective trainings.

The pragmatic market experience has strongly influenced our vision of the modern training solutions and their role in driving business growth.





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