What are the benefits of hybrid approach when conducting a solution sales training?

Hybrid training combines typically online learning and in-person workshops. Benefits compared to traditional in-person trainings:

1. Flexibility: A hybrid approach allows for flexibility in terms of where and when training takes place. Participants can do online sessions at their own time and pace.

2. Cost Savings: The hybrid approach reduces costs and time compare to traditional in-person training.

3. Increased Engagement: Hybrid solutions allow for greater engagement among participants, through the use of discussion boards, chat rooms, and other interactive tools during online learning. With this preparation in-person workshops become efficient focusing on applying the learnings.

4. Accessibility: Hybrid solutions can make training available to more people, as there are no geographical boundaries if the workshop is possible to arrange in virtual format.

5. Increased Retention: The hybrid approach helps to ensure that participants can retain more information, as they can review the material multiple times, in different formats. In addition to theory they also get to focus on applying it during workshop.