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We guide you along your learning path

Our business experience combined with learning design expertise provides effective support to transform your trainings. Most projects include knowledge transfer to your key persons developing your team capability to independently run effective training programs further. We also offer services for further development and continuous support with even shared responsibilities to run the trainings. 

All development programs are tailored to meet your target. The training structure, methods, script and schedules are adapted accordingly. For the course content building we always prioritize re-use of existing materials but help creating new to achieve effective solution. Usually the solution effectiveness is tested by jointly running a real course for proper feedback.

We already help multiple clients to get the most value out of their personnel, customer and partner training programs

Hybrid training approach is great to run measurable trainings for internal sales teams as well as for external partners. This type of program has also been effectively used to support new product / service launch and strategic change implementation. 

Interactive technical or technology-oriented trainings offer a great opportunity to gain insights on participant challenges and provide solutions. Intelligent learning platform help you to stay in touch with the registered persons, invite for update trainings and build lasting relationships in longer term.