Software supported learning

Interactive online learning gives you multiple advantages

The Claned online learning platform encourages learners to collaborate and interact. In a similar way to using social media, course participants can post comments, discuss issues and share notes. Studies have shown that learning together increases motivation and promotes better results.

All learning materials will become interactive when they are added to Claned. For example, when a learner is going through a PDF, they can highlight any part of the text and post a public comment about it. This way the actual discussions can happen in context inside the materials instead of getting lost in a separate message board. The same goes for videos and other materials.

Your content with our sofisticated learning structure makes you succeed

As a course instructor inside our Claned online learning platform, you get a visual and easy to use analytics dashboard that shows you how your learners and materials are performing, who needs help and whether your materials could be improved.

We offer a white label option for our online learning platform. This means that the platform will be customised to reflect your branding. You can have your logos, visuals, a custom URL and your own log in page. Making it clear to your learners that they are using your service.